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Tuves bridges

At the stop sign on the left when leaving Belvillas, go towards the Municipal stadium (200m) continue straight ahead until you reach the stadium and the changing rooms, path in the extension of the road. behind the forest barrier. You can park at the Stade du Défens. 
Head towards the track extending the road to the cistern then take the path on the right. Go down the steep path to arrive on a rather wide track. 
(It is possible after the cistern, to extend the track on the left to discover the sanctuary of the old centenarian oaks. After 400m, take the fork on the right, you will find the blue and yellow markings. Then retrace your steps to the cistern ). 
Then turn left and let yourself be guided by a downhill path. You will pass an old ruined mill and a small cave, and you will reach the Pont des Tuves. At the end of the bridge, you will have the pleasure to admire a pretty little waterfall. This waterfall is the starting point of a path leading to Saint-Cézaire. 
Then retrace your steps to join the track. If you follow the track on the right you will arrive to a pebble beach. 
From the bridge, to return to the stadium you can follow the same path taken to go there. If you wish to make a loop, you can continue the path on the left and will follow the Siagne until an intersection, turn right, a path rises along a wooded valley and joins the tarmac road which leads to the dam. Follow the climb to the right for 150m. 
Head again to the right to reach a path leading to the Route du Stade. Follow this road and join the parking lot. Variant of 1.5 km. 
Steep descent for 30 min. 
Be vigilant on the rainy weather or after a thunderstorm around the waterfall areas and its banks. Steep and stony climb from 5 to 6 m. 
No cells phone covering while going through the Gorges… 

You are in the Gorges de la Haute-Siagne, the natural limit between the Var and the Alpes-Maritimes. This site is fully protected and labeled Natura 2000. 
To preserve the beauty of this site and its fragile environments, please do not leave anything in your path, do not pick flowers or plants, do not make fires, do not camp, keep animals on a leash, etc. 

Mandarin bamboos  

15mn by car from Belvillas. Discover more than 80 varieties of bamboo, tree ferns, beds of iris. Take the time to listen to this nature and let yourself be overwon by the serenity of the place


Perfumery in Grasse 

Grasse, city on the French Riviera, although it is the fourth largest city in the Alpes-Maritimes, Grasse is a holiday and resting place. Famous people have stayed there, from Princess Pauline Bonaparte, the Emperor’s sister, in 1807-08, to actor and writer Dirk Bogarde, including Queen Victoria. And even Napoleon. Grasse is located in the hills in the north of the city of Cannes, 25 minutes away from Belvillas. It is known for its long-established perfume industry, whose heritage is celebrated at the International Perfume Museum, in the heart of the city. Some big perfumeries like Fragonard, Molinard and Galimard can be visited. 

Théoule sur mer

Settled in the Esterel massif on an area of ​​1,049 hectares,Théoule offers you from its creeks and red rocky inlets, breathtaking views of the sea, the coast, the mountains. 

Well sheltered in the hollow of a small cove of Estérel, Théoule is a quiet seaside resort as much as heavenly place 

Discover turquoise waters licking its sandy beaches shaded by palm trees, numerous creeks and creeks in red rocky inlets of the Estérel. 

…..and many other treasures in the region 


Visit the seaside town of the French Riviera, famous for its international film festival. La Croisette, a boulevard that runs along the coast, is bordered by sandy beaches…

The Palais des Festivals et des Congrès, a modern building with its red carpet, and the Allée des Stars, the Cannes “walk of fame”.

The old port with its beautifuls yachts, the Antibes street which is full of shops

To find more traditional atmosphere, go to Le Suquet, the old town. the sloping and winding streets wind their way up to the Forville market, the Musée de la Castre and Notre Dame de l’Espérance, a 17th century Gothic church overlooking the neighborhood. Le Suquet offers an ideal vantage point for admiring the bay, enjoying Southern dishes.

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