Montauroux village


Montauroux, one of the nine hilltop villages of the Pays de Fayence, located at the extreme east of the Var department, a little north of Lac Saint Cassien and about 20 kilometers from Cannes and Mandelieu Typically Provençal, this very old village was built in the 11th century in steps rising between 100 and 400 meters. But Montauroux, hidden in thick vegetation, is difficult to see from a distance!

Arriving at the foot of the village, you pass a large traditional washhouse on which the central square is based. Take a moment to admire the vast panorama of the surroundings offered by its viewpoint which faces due south. A multitude of small streets lined with pretty colorful houses and punctuated by small squares, fountains and some small shops and cafes not to mention the parish church of Saint Barthélemy with its square bell tower surmounted by a wrought iron campanile. The church was erected in the 12th century.

And let’s not forget the Saint-Barthélemy Chapel. Built around 1630 by white penitents with stones from a fortress that has disappeared today, its architecture is fairy classic, inside you will find a barrel vault and painted wooden panels covering walls and ceiling, as well as a huge painting of Saint Barthélemy and the Annunciation to the Virgin behind the altar. Christian Dior, the previous owner, bequeathed the chapel to the town that restored it. The famous designer himself resided in the magnificient 19th century Château de la Colle Noir overlooking the plain of Montauroux.

Classified as a “Station verte de vacances” (Ecotourism destination), the surroundings of Montauroux are as attractive as its village.

Visit its shops, alleys, inhabitants

To the south-east lies Lac St Cassien with its small, intimate beaches surrounded by hills as green as its waters. The lake provides a plethora of nautical activities. and a part of it is given over to the Fondurane ornithological nature reserve. This protected ecosystem is a heaven of peace for migratory birds and aquatic fauna

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