Terms & conditions

Terms and conditions Deposit and balance: Deposit: The customer must pay 30% of the total amount  after booking   The deposit is considered as a deductible on the rental price. The balance must be paid 45 days before your arrival at the premises,. In the absence of payment, the booking will be canceled and we make alternative arrangement for the villa as we […]

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Around you

Tuves bridges At the stop sign on the left when leaving Belvillas, go towards the Municipal stadium (200m) continue straight ahead until you reach the stadium and the changing rooms, path in the extension of the road. behind the forest barrier. You can park at the Stade du Défens. Head towards the track extending the road to the […]

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The wonders of Provence

Lavender Lavender, renowned for its medicinal virtues, known for its repellent properties against certain insects, appreciated for its fresh and floral scent, both slightly camphoric and very aromatic, has been picked in the wild by the Provence people since time immemorial.  Several species can be cultivated in the lavender fields of Provence. The flowering period lasts from […]

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